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dot2_gre.gif Application of Induction Heating to Micromolding
  • Thin wall injection molding with microfeatures.
  • Fully-coupled simulation of induction heating and injection molding.
  • Dynamic mold tempertaure control system to eliminate weldlines
  • Localized mold heating by the use of selective mold material

dot2_gre.gif Application of FEM to Optical Engineering

  • Finite element besed ray tracing scheme connected with injection molding simulation of plastic lenses.
  • Finite element analysis of electro-magnetic optical systems
  • Design and analysis of scanning electron microscopes

dot2_gre.gif CAE in Injection Molding Processes (PDF file)

  • Application of CAE to the optimal design of injection mold and process parameters using Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Three dimensional analysis using solid (tetrahedral) elements
  • Precision mold design and analysis for plastic lenses and various electrical parts

dot2_gre.gif CAE in Metal Forming Processes (PDF file)

  • Finite element analysis of various metal forming processes such as forging, extrusion, sheet metal forming, etc.
  • FEM source code development for three-dimensional analysis using solid elements
  • Precision forging analysis using progressive dies

dot2_gre.gif Finite Element Analysis (incluging High Performance Computation) (PDF file)

  • Domain decomposition with mismatching refinement
  • Adaptive mesh refinement
  • Parallel computation of the finite element analysis
  • Development of MS-Windows based finite element analysis S/W

 dot2_gre.gif Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling

  • Rapid prototyping and tooling in the metal forming and the injection molding processes
  • Application of Rapid prototyping and tooling to development of a humanoid robot
  • Experience in various RP systems: SLA, LOM, SLS, FDM, Objet



dot2_gre.gif Programming Languages
  • FEM code development: Fortran77, Fortran90, C
  • Object oriented programming: Java, Visual Basic
  • Web programming: HTML, ASP, Perl, Java Servlet, Java Script, JSP
  • Parallel programming:MPI (Message Passing Interface), PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)

dot2_gre.gif Engineering S/W

  • CAD: I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, AutoCAD
  • CAE (Structural analysis): ABAQUS, ANSYS
  • CAE (Injection molding analysis): Moldflow, C-Mold, 3D TIMON, Moldex3D
  • CAE (Metal forming analysis): Formsys, DEFORM, SAIT_Stamp
  • CAE (Electro-magnetic analysis): Opera 3D (TOSCA & SCALA)
  • Optical system simulation: Code V, OSLO, OPTICS
  • Statistical analysis: Minitab, DoePro

dot2_gre.gif Computer H/W

  • Platforms: HP RISC, Sun SPARC, Intel x86, Cray Y-MP, Cray T3E
  • Operating systems: HP-UX, SunOS, Unicos, Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Web server: IIS 4.0/5.0, Apache, MS-SQL server