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My homepage is opened in English version (Aug. 25, 2001)

Website for Die & Mold Division, Samsung Electro-Mechanics     is opened (Sep. 1, 2001). It has been a hard job for me to     develop such a large site! (http://www.semmold.com)

My son, joon-sue, was born on Jan 10, 2002.
    (please visit
FAMILY page to see his picture..)

I'm going to present one of my recent works at the First
    International Moldflow User Conference (Sep. 17 ~ 19)

Publication lists are updated on Nov. 11, 2001.
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Publications page)




Keun Park, PhD.
Senior Researcher / Manager
Die & Mold Division, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.
314, Maetan3-Dong, Paldal-Gu, Suwon, Kyunggi-Do, Korea